Here’s the inflation breakdown for January 2024 — in one chart

The consumer price index rose by 3.1% in January 2024, a smaller annual increase than in December.

Nvidia rally is fueling FOMO in the overall market, Evercore's Julian Emanuel warns

Evercore ISI's Julian Emanuel finds clients are more worried about being underinvested than overexposed right now.

Digital banking giant Revolut is launching phone plans for travelers in the UK

Digital banking startup Revolut is launching travel eSIM plans in the U.K. that give users access to data abroad without suffering roaming charges.

Oil stocks share a bullish similarity with semis, but 'no one cares,' VanEck CEO says

Investors may want to consider putting money to work in a lagging part of the market. According to VanEck CEO Jan van Eck, oil stocks are getting a raw deal.

Policy changes look to reduce 401(k) plan 'leakage'

Workers frequently cash out their retirement accounts when changing jobs. That can cost them in the long run.

Big banks have drastically cut overdraft fees, but customers still paid $2.2 billion last year

Overdraft revenue is on the decline, but recent filings show that JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo remain by far the largest generators of the controversial fees.

Societe Generale posts sharp profit drop as net banking income slides

Societe Generale on Thursday reported a sharp decline in fourth-quarter net profit on the back of weaker net banking income.

China’s VC playbook is undergoing a sea change as U.S. IPO exits get tougher

The Chinese venture capital world that once hoped for giant U.S. IPOs similar to Alibaba's is changing drastically.

Hainan Airlines is handing out Rokid AR glasses for in-flight entertainment

Hainan Airlines this week started handing out Rokid's augmented reality glasses on a few routes for in-flight entertainment, the tech startup said Thursday.

China's central bank encourages local businesses to accept foreign payment cards

His written comments, exclusive to CNBC, come as Beijing has stepped up efforts to encourage visits from foreign tourists and business people.

This semi name just hit a fresh all-time high. Why its stock market dominance could last

Nvidia's advantage in the artificial intelligence chip space may be in its early innings, according to VanEck CEO Jan van Eck.

NYCB woes reignite fears about shaky banks as anniversary of March crisis nears

Investors have worried that commercial real estate losses could trigger more turmoil after deposit runs consumed Silicon Valley Bank and Signature last March.
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