About us

KAAT ASSET MANANAGEMENT was established in August 2000 in Curaçao. We received approval from the central bank of the Dutch Antilles in 2001. Since then Kaat Asset Management is active as an independent asset management firm. For both private clients as well for institutional clients.

The Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten gave us the first license under the new law on September 3rd 2018. We are currently the only registered asset management firm in Curaçao and St. Maarten.

As an asset manager, we will not take assets under our account but we make use of the services from banks and brokers. Independence for us is vital. Because of our independency, our advice is neutral so our clients do not need to worry about the financial strength of Kaat Asset Management. The banks and brokers we deal with, are among others Interactive Brokers (www.interactivebrokers.com) from the United States. 

The assets under management can be divided roughly into two groups. First our institutional investors and second our private clients.

Institutions have a special place. The products available for this group are especially made according the needs and the amount of the assets under management. For institutional investors we can offer special products, which are made for their specific needs.

For private clients the “know your costumer” rule is essential. During an intake conversation, we talk about the known and unknown financial needs of the client. Besides that, we talk about the financial wishes and their financial future. With this profile in mind, we will build a portfolio that we monitor every single day. When there are changes, we will adapt accordingly. For us our communication with the client is vital.

Our cost structure is simple. We charge 0.5% over the amount that’s under management. This will be done every year. IF there is no positive return, than we will not charge anything. The no cure no pay way. This is also possible.Besides our management fee and the normal cost of buying and selling there are no other costs involved. Not from us, nor the banks or brokers involved.

If you wish more information about Kaat Asset Management and/or our products, please contact without any obligations.

Willem-Jan Paardekooper
Managing Director