Shares of GSI Technology, which sparked meme-like buzz, set for longest winning streak since July

GSI Technology Inc. shares climbed 11.05% Thursday, putting the memory specialist on pace to extend its winning streak to four days — its longest such streak since July 13, 2023, when it rose for four straight trading days, Dow Jones Market Data show.

Chemours’s stock plunges on news that accounting issues are much worse than first thought

Chemours’s stock plummeted Thursday as investors learned that the accounting issues they were made aware of two weeks ago were much worse than they had realized.

Despite what Wendy’s and Burger King say, surge pricing is the future of dining

Experts say the variable pricing strategy is baked into the digital technology that restaurants are increasingly using

These mutual-fund and ETF investing tips can give your portfolio new momentum

Biotech gains, managers like leisure stocks, and small-caps take the big stage.

Birkenstock shares slide 8% after sandal maker posts loss in its second report as public company

Birkenstock Holdings Plc’s stock tumbled 8% Thursday, after the German sandal and clog maker posted another quarterly loss in its second earnings report as a public company.

‘I’m so frustrated’: Student-loan servicer is blocking borrowers seeking answers, debt relief, report claims

The report, from advocacy groups, comes amid widespread complaints about the return to repayment.

Odysseus lander ‘still kicking’ on the moon, says Intuitive Machines

The lander tipped over during its landing near the moon’s south pole and earlier this week the company said that the mission would be cut short.

Nvidia’s next mission: Make even more financial history

No company has ever posted financial results quite like Nvidia’s, but that just means Wall Street now expects the Silicon Valley chip maker to do something else that has never been done.

Heads up, millionaires: If you didn’t file taxes, the IRS will be contacting you

The IRS is targeting people who appear to have ‘received significant income but failed to file a tax return’

The stock market ‘doesn’t look very bubbly’ to billionaire investor Ray Dalio

Megacap tech stocks look ‘a bit frothy’ but the overall stock-market doesn’t meet billionaire investor Ray Dalio’s ‘bubble’ criteria.

Low-income seniors get housing help, but ‘there is a need for even greater funds’

$115 million in grant funding is available for affordable rental housing

I borrowed $20,000 from my mother in 1996, but only repaid $5,000. She deducted the entire loan from my inheritance. I need that money. What now?

“I live in a semi-expensive assisted living facility, and I’m not in good health.”
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